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theIF is registered with the UK Charity Commission

The backing of the community is vital to our success. Below, we have added comments and words of support from people who have endorsed our work. We hope this will encourage others to support us and inspire us to continue to work tirelessly to serve the students of knowledge.

“I wish your event and new charity success in achieving its aims. We need such good efforts to encourage knowledge and rekindle the long established tradition of Muslim scholarly work and contribution to Humankind.”
Emeritus Prof Salim al-Hassani, Faculty of Humanity, Manchester University, UK
“One of Allah's Beautiful Names is al-Warith, The Inheritor, for He inherits the earth and all those upon it. It is written in the Torah, Psalms, Gospel and the Qur'an that the meek and righteous shall inherit the earth. The people of knowledge are the inheritors of the Prophets, and the true believers shall inherit Paradise, to live therein for ever. We ask Allah to bless us with all these levels of inheritance, and I pray for the success of the noble venture that is the Inheritors' Fund.”
Dr Usama Hasan, London, UK
“I am very happy to see the undertaking of this unique and much needed project. May Allah Almighty grant success in it. Aameen.”
Imam Tahir Anwar, South Bay Islamic Asc, USA
“The Inheritors’ Fund is a new and exciting project which is long overdue in the Muslim community. Whichever field we may be in, we will, at some point, require scholars to direct us to the correct teachings of Islam. It is projects such as the Inheritors Fund that will aid and encourage more and more budding young scholars to tread the path of Islamic knowledge. Isra Developments Ltd would like to offer their full support to the Inheritors Fund and wish every success to those who are pursuing a course of Islamic study.”
Hasan Mahmood, Isra Developments Ltd, Manchester, UK
“The IF is a timely initiative to encourage brothers and sisters to seek knowledge by supporting them through scholarship. This will go long way to motivate and give vision to our new and up coming generation. We support and pray to Allah that he accept your sincere efforts and make this initiative a success.”
Hasan Mueenuddin, Dawatul Islam, London, UK
"The Inheritors' Fund is vital to investing in the future intellectual and spiritual health of British Islam and it needs everyone's support."
Yahya Birt, London, UK
“Wishing the Inheritors’ fund every success”
Sr Soraya Syed, Art of the Pen, London, UK
"The scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets and the Prophets did not leave Euros or Dollars. What they left was an intellectual and spiritual legacy that must be carried and practiced. A quick glance at the lives of the great scholars and one will find a common trend: support. From family members to the state scholars’ efforts were supported and seen as a most profitable investment. As Western Muslims we have a tremendous responsibility towards the establishment of a religious discourse that combines our Western reality with our theology. This challenge can only be met by great minds, hard work and support. The Inheritors’ Fund represents an important step towards supporting such a climate. I pray that Allah will bless this institution and encourage all to support its efforts."
Imam Suhaib D. Webb, Cairo, Egypt
“I wholeheartedly support this blessed project and indeed urge the rest of my brothers and sisters to do so, at a time when our communities are yearning for scholars of orthodoxy to guide our people in the West. I see that those who do get involved, whether in financially supporting, studying through or even supplicating for theIF will have achieved the Prophetic encouragement: “When a man dies, his acts come to an end but three: continual charity, knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious child who prays for him.”
Abu Eesa Niamatullah, Manchester, UK
“This sort of project is of critical importance, as the health of our community of faith is contingent upon the health of our religious scholarship and institutions. I pray that Allah grants you and those involved the success to structure it in the best and most effective of ways, to produce the greatest, widest, and most lasting benefit to our Ummah and to all humanity.”
Sheikh Faraz Rabbani, Amman, Jordan
“The Inheritors' Fund is an idea whose time has come. For almost two decades now waves of students have left various countries of the West for Muslim lands seeking sacred knowledge. Unfortunately, in many instances those sojourns have been poorly planned and inadequately financed. The advent of the Inheritors' Fund is an indication that the Muslim community is maturing and beginning to approach critical issues - such as the training of future scholars - with more structure, planning and thought.”
Imam Zaid Shakir, United States
More words of support to be uploaded here soon.
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