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Aspirational – Long Term Goals


All applicants are expected to be practising Muslims, of sound mind and character and show a profound interest in studying their chosen branch of knowledge.


Candidates are to be bright, articulate students who have demonstrated strong academic ability.

All recipients of theIF scholarships will be required to complete a report at the end of each academic year. The report must detail the recipient’s progress in that year of study and the nature of the study undertaken. A template is provided to each student.

If studying at an institution, pupils will be asked to submit photocopies of grade transcripts. If no grade transcripts are available, the recipient must submit a hand written transcript signed and stamped by the institutions administration.

Recipients studying with an independent scholar must submit a written testimony signed by the scholar detailing what the student has covered and the level of attainment. The testimony may be written by the recipient but it must be signed by the scholar teaching the student.

Recipients of scholarships are expected to return to their resident country at the end of their proposed period of study. The length of the period of study is at the student’s discretion, however it is expected that students applying for the full Islamic Studies scholarship will study for an adequate period of time to be able to teach at least one of the Islamic sciences and to gain good grounding in the major sciences. For the majority of students, this is expected to take at least 5 years of study excluding Arabic studies. Potential applicants should bear this commitment in mind before applying for a scholarship.

Scholarships are issued on a yearly basis. If a student decides not to complete the year of study for which they have been given a scholarship, the student must repay the full amount of the scholarship for those months not studied in.

If a student returns home during an academic year (not at the end of an academic year during the summer holiday for example) they must reapply for a scholarship the following year. Scholarships are not transferable.

Students who have completed a year of study (of a course lasting more than one year) are required to apply for a ‘continual’ scholarship for the following year. A shorter, simplified application form is available.

Because of this serious financial commitment we urge applicants to be as certain as possible that they will complete, InshAllah, their intended period of study.


Recipients of scholarships are expected to complete and return an acknowledgement note to theIF trustees upon receipt of funds. This will assist us in managing incomings and outgoings and ensure proper administrative and financial checks are carried out.

Money paid to recipients should be used to fund the recipient’s studies and living costs. This may include airfares to and from the recipient’s place of study, rent in their place of study, tuition fees in the place of study, food and other essentials, books and other study materials.

Money paid to recipients must not be used for investment purposes, funding business ventures, the purchase of property (in the UK or any other country) or the funding of any other charity or organisation.

theIF is not liable for the use of any monies paid from it to a recipient. Once the monies have transferred to the recipient, the recipient becomes responsible for the use of those monies. Improper use of funds or if monies are used for any criminal purposes will lead to an immediate cessation of future payments and the recipient will be subject to all legal implications that pertain to that misuse.

If on review of the application received and subsequent contact, or during sponsorship thereafter, it appears the candidate has or may have links to terrorist or extremist organisations, funding will not be awarded and any current bursaries granted will immediately cease.

If the candidate conducts himself/herself in such a way that the tenets of Islam are undermined or the objectives of the organisation are threatened the matter will be thoroughly investigated and a decision made regarding any financial assistance offered.

Aspirational – Long Term Goals

It is hoped that students intending to study the Islamic Sciences do so with the purpose of returning to their resident country to benefit the community at large. Applications will only be considered if this is the case. For those wishing to settle in another part of the world or migrate to another country after their studies will not be considered for funding.

Special Note

Level of funding and payment

1) The level of funding each successful applicant receives is to be set independently by the trustees and administration.

2) There are no guaranteed amounts of funding for any scholarship. The level of funding available is dependent on the amount of money the fund holds at any given time and the number of students being supported at any given time.

3) Students most in need of financial assistance will be given priority when scholarships are awarded. It is hoped that those students who are financially stable and not in need of any support will avoid applying for funding with the intention of allowing those genuinely in need to benefit from the funds available. Applicants may be requested to forward copies of bank statements though this is to be extremely rare.

4) Upper limits of funding exist for all scholarships and may change at any time at the discretion of the trustees.

5) Payment is made directly into the applicant’s bank account and is to be made in two installments. The first upon commencement of making arrangements for study and the second at the halfway stage of the duration of study for that year.

6) theIF administration holds the right to withhold funds from any student at any time and for whatever reason.

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