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To be eligible for a scholarship you must:

1) Be a UK citizen (Currently, funding is only available for UK citizens)

2) Be at least 18 years of age

3) Preferably hold a degree from a good UK university with at least a 2.1 grading

4) Be committed to studying your chosen discipline for a prolonged period of time

5) Be able to provide 2 or more references which include mention of your character and comportment

6) Have completed 2 or more years of studies in the Islamic sciences at a recognised institution or with a known scholar in the Islamic world

7) Have demonstrable strength in the Arabic language to a level appropriate for the study of the Islamic sciences

8) Adhere to ahl al-sunnah wa al-jamaa’ah, broadly-defined, with acceptance of its scholarly heritage; in particular, you must have a broad and tolerant acceptance of the various schools, methodologies and approaches in law, creed, spirituality, and thought, that are to be found within that heritage and its modern continuation.

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