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Stage 1 – Application & confirmation

All applicants, without exception, must submit a completed application form within the following months:

Summer applications 01 May – 30 June
Winter applications 01 November – 31 December

Applications submitted before or after these dates will not be considered.

Within 7 days of the closing date all applicants will be sent a confirmation acknowledging receipt of their application

Stage 2 – Internal selection

Within 21 days thereafter applicants will be notified if their application has been passed to the selection committee for short-listing. If it has not, applicants will not be offered an interview and will be informed in due course.

Stage 3 – Interview

Applicants short-listed for interview will be informed two weeks before the interview.

Generally, all interviews are to be conducted in London or Bradford (venue TBC) although other venues may be considered. Applicants are expected to make their own travel arrangements at their own expense.

Applicants who are abroad will be asked to undertake interview by phone. In certain circumstances, a representative of theIF may be able to visit applicants in their places of study abroad although this is likely to be rare.

After the interviews, applicants will be notified of the outcome within 10 days. They will fall into one of 3 categories:

• Offer – scholarship awarded
• Reserve – if a recipient terminates their studies anyone placed on the reserved list will be entitled to take over their scholarship. This will be at the Trustees’ discretion.
• Non-select

Special Note:

Those students applying for the Islamic Studies’ scholarship may be requested to undertake a further interview with a scholar either in person or on the telephone. In exceptional circumstances questions may be sent to the applicant via e-mail.

The interview, conducted in Arabic, will consist of an assessment of the applicant’s understanding of text(s) they have studied, as stated in their application form, and of their level of Arabic. The interview will last no longer than thirty minutes and the applicant will be informed of the text(s) they will be assessed on prior to the interview, at least one week in advance.

If the applicant has not been accepted for the scholarship applied for, they may be considered for a scholarship of lesser value. A scholarship is not guaranteed.

Under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of theIF selection committee, any stage of the selection process may be waived for a particular applicant. The committee may also call on any applicant to undertake additional interviews or provide additional information.

An applicant may withdraw from the selection process at any stage. The decision to do so will not affect any future applications the applicant may make.

Stage 4 – Continual scholarship

theIF scholarship recipients who have completed a year of study (of a course lasting more than one year) are required to apply for a ‘continual’ scholarship for the following year. A shorter, simplified application form is available.


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