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Reasons to donate to theIF

theIF is registered with the UK Charity Commission

A donation to the Inheritors’ Fund will (God willing) facilitate these and more!
1. Benefits and rewards for generations (sadaqah jariah)
When you contribute to theIF, you are facilitating the spread and use of knowledge now and for the future. The ripple effect of your gift will be felt throughout the community for generations and will be rewarded for just as long by Allah (swt) through His Mercy because education is a type of ongoing charity (sadaqah jariah). The Messenger of God (may God’s peace and blessings be upon him) said: ‘When a person dies, his works end, except for three: ongoing charity, knowledge that is benefited from, and a righteous child who prays for him.’ (Muslim, Tirmidhi and others)
2. A stronger, more confident Muslim community
British Muslims have contributed, and continue to contribute, much to the UK as well as to their countries of origin. However, a community confident in itself and its role can only sustain these efforts. We need to promote leaders and thinkers who will help develop this confidence and ensure the community remains as effective as possible in other spheres.
3. Positive, accurate information about Islam
How often do Muslims complain that Islam is misunderstood in the West? That the media always portrays our religion and community poorly? These complaints will never be remedied without leaders and scholars who not only have a secure grasp on the scholarship and intellectual resources of our religion, but who are confident and clear about how to articulate Islam to the rest of society.
4. Love for Islam among future generations
Muslim children growing up in Britain are often – and understandably – confused about Islam and how they can follow the religion. We need role models; scholars and imams who know what these young people face and can develop and articulate the answers they need to the religion to remain alive and cherished in their hearts. Otherwise Islam risks slowly becoming little more than a set of cultural practices.
5. A new generation taking on a new responsibility
The first generations of significant Muslim migration to Britain achieved an amazing amount to establish Muslim mosques and other institutions here. Now a new generation must shoulder the burden and seek the honour of developing those organisations. To do this we need to help the best minds of the new generation realise their potential as scholars who can help the community meet this challenge.
6. Meeting a communal obligation (fard al-kifaya)
Every Muslim has certain individual obligations (fard al-‘ayn) such as prayer and charity for which they are responsible. However, Allah (swt) had also made some things obligatory on the community as a whole (fard al-kifaya)– although not every individual has to take part in them him or herself, all members of the community are responsible for ensuring these are fulfilled. As a community we must ask ourselves whether we are fulfilling the communal obligation of seeking and transmitting sacred knowledge. Are enough Muslims studying to meet the needs of the community? By supporting current students of knowledge and encouraging more to take up the path, you can help lift the obligation from your own shoulders and the shoulders of others.
7. Seek the pleasure of Allah Most High by helping his deen
We cannot help Allah Most High who is free of all need but we can draw closer to him by helping his deen. It is in the nature of man to help that which he loves and if we love Islam we should do all we can to help it, protect it and ensure its continuation and enrichment. Enabling students of knowledge to become qualified scholars is one of the surest means of achieving this goal.
8. Play a role in advancing Islamic learning in the Muslim world in general
With the vast majority of medical, technical, academic and financial developments originating in the west, literature on these developments is seldom available in Arabic or Urdu etc. Western scholars will therefore play a vital role in understanding these new developments, analysing them in the light of Islamic knowledge and then transmitting that analysis to the Muslim world in general.
9. Many Muslims are unaware of the necessity of traditional knowledge. Those of us that have been blessed with this understanding have the responsibility to assist students of knowledge.
It is a sad fact that many Muslims do not appreciate the necessity of traditional knowledge; many do not even have a conception of the term and what it constitutes. They may associate a traditional scholar with the ‘local imam’ and us such calls for ‘more scholars’ are likely to be met with indifference in some quarters. Those of us who have been blessed with an awareness of fiqh, aqeedah, madhahib and the other facets of traditional knowledge must take on the responsibility of supporting students of knowledge as so few in the community are aware of the need.
10. The nature of the fund itself

theIF is the only inclusive, non-affiliated charity devoted to supporting Muslim students of knowledge. The fund is a registered charity governed by the Charity Commission for England & Wales and is supported by an advisory body of well-respected scholars and academics. theIF has a thorough and careful application process ensuring that only committed, apt and astute candidates are selected.


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