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About the Inheritors Fund
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In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

We ask Him to grant guidance and success to this project, to forgive whatever errors or misjudgments we may make in pursuing it; and we pray for His peace and blessings to be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad and upon all the messengers and prophets He has sent to the different peoples throughout history.

The Inheritors Fund© aims to support the education of Western Muslim scholars by enabling students of demonstrated academic ability to study traditional Islamic sciences abroad with the aim of returning to enrich the intellectual and spiritual life of Western society.

About the Scholarship

The Inheritors Fund© is dedicated to providing financial support to students of traditional Islamic Sciences in financial need. We select the best and brightest minds among young Muslims who have demonstrated academic excellence in their fields of study. They must also be committed to and be able to articulate how they will translate their scholarly training into creative community activity that will benefit the Muslim community and society in general. The fund supports a prolonged period of study with recognised Islamic institutions and scholars in order to ensure a high level of intellectual and spiritual training upon completion. It also intends to foster greater opportunities for women to study traditional Islamic sciences by creating special funding sources specifically for our young women scholars.

Why The Inheritors Fund?

'Abdullah b. 'Amr b. al-'As reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: “Verily, Allah does not take away knowledge by snatching it from the people but He takes away knowledge by taking away the scholars, until there is not a single man of knowledge left. Then people will turn to the ignorant as their leaders who will be asked to deliver religious verdicts and they will deliver them without knowledge. They will go astray and lead others astray”. (Muslim)

It is our belief that empowering young Muslims with strong knowledge of the rich spiritual and intellectual tradition of Islam will ultimately contribute not only to more fulfilling lives for Western Muslims, but also to a more nuanced understanding of Islam in the West and increased cultural harmony.

Throughout its history, and still today, Islam has been lived by many different societies across the world. Each society adapted Islam to its own culture and environment while also embodying the religion’s fundamental principles and practices. This combination of flexibility and continuity is one of God’s gifts, and one of the ways He has made Islam a religion for all times, for all places.

However, it is only possible when the society supports members of its own community to study with existing scholars. This support is repaid many times over by the spiritual knowledge and leadership with which the scholars in turn can imbue their societies. This is one of the reasons religious scholarship is so important for the Muslim community and as a result we envisage a synergistic and reciprocal relationship between its students and the communities they will serve.

And finally…

The British Muslim community as we find it today was established most of all by the efforts of immigrants who brought scholars from their home countries. Whilst the immense contribution they made is still being felt today, it is not ultimately sustainable for new generations to rely so heavily on help from abroad.

Scholars familiar with the culture of Muslims born and raised here are the types of leaders who will most effectively guide the community and are also the best equipped to relate to those of other beliefs, and consequently ease the burden on the Muslim community of being frequently misunderstood or even feared and hated.

The Inheritors Fund© aims to contribute to the intellectual space in which Western Muslim scholars can celebrate and develop the deep contribution of Muslims to world history and society, and to help Muslims in the West make a more substantial and profound contribution intellectually, spiritually, culturally and politically.

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