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theIF is registered with the UK Charity Commission

The Inheritors Fund©
core objectives are to promote the study and understanding of the Islamic faith by:

• Sponsoring students/offering bursaries to Muslim students during their period of study and/or   research;

• Financially supporting Muslim scholars devoted to teaching the Islamic sciences;

• Undertaking research to enhance and promote the understanding of the Islamic faith and;

• Working in partnership with other charitable bodies to further the aforementioned objects.

The Inheritors Fund is an independent, registered charity established in 2007 by a small group of Muslim students and professionals living in the UK. The fund is administered by a board of trustees with advice and assistance from community leaders and scholars. It is dedicated to providing financial support to students living in the UK seeking sacred Islamic knowledge anywhere in the world.

Students of Islamic knowledge are fulfilling a communal obligation and thus lifting the responsibility from the shoulders of those who cannot study or are unaware of the importance of Islamic scholarship. theIF strongly believes that it is the duty of the Muslim community to support those individuals who have made the great sacrifice of leaving their homes and families to pursue the essential and obligatory command of seeking knowledge. Students of knowledge requiring assistance are many as are those in the community willing to help. The aim of the charity is to bridge this divide and thereby play a role in producing talented scholars who will disseminate the spiritual and intellectual heritage of Islam, guiding and encouraging Muslims to participate fully in Western society whilst remaining true to their Islamic faith and identity.
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