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  What They Say

I wish your event and new charity success in achieving its aims. We need such good efforts to encourage knowledge and rekindle the long established tradition of Muslim scholarly work and contribution to Humankind.

Emeritus Prof Salim al-Hassani
United Kingdom

The Inheritors' Fund is an idea whose time has come. For almost two decades now waves of students have left various countries of the West for Muslim lands seeking sacred knowledge. Unfortunately, in many instances those sojourns have been poorly planned and inadequately financed. The advent of the Inheritors' Fund is an indication that the Muslim community is maturing and beginning to approach critical issues - such as the training of future scholars - with more structure, planning and thought.

Imam Zaid Shakir
United States

The scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets and the Prophets did not leave Euros or Dollars. What they left was an intellectual and spiritual legacy that must be carried and practiced. A quick glance at the lives of the great scholars and one will find a common trend: support. From family members to the state scholars’ efforts were supported and seen as a most profitable investment. As Western Muslims we have a tremendous responsibility towards the establishment of a religious discourse that combines our Western reality with our theology. This challenge can only be met by great minds, hard work and support. The Inheritors’ Fund represents an important step towards supporting such a climate. I pray that Allah will bless this institution and encourage all to support its efforts.

Imam Suhaib D. Webb

This sort of project is of critical importance, as the health of our community of faith is contingent upon the health of our religious scholarship and institutions. I pray that Allah grants you and those involved the success to structure it in the best and most effective of ways, to produce the greatest, widest, and most lasting benefit to our Ummah and to all humanity.

Sheikh Faraz Rabbani

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  The Inheritors' Fund is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its first round of student applications. The fund has selected two outstanding candidates who fulfil the stringent acceptance criteria for each scholarship ...
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A man came to Abu Darda (ra) while he was in Damascus. Abu Darda asked him, “What has brought you here my brother?” He replied, “A hadith which you relate from the Prophet (saw).” Abu Darda asked, “Have you come for some worldly need?” He replied, “No.” “You have come only to seek this hadith?” He replied, “Yes.” Abu Darda then said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah salla’Allahu alayhi wa sallam say:

"Whoever treads a path due to which he seeks knowledge, Allah will make him tread one of the paths towards Paradise. The angels lower their wings out of contentment for the seeker of knowledge; the inhabitants of the heavens and the Earth, even the fish in the depths of the sea ask forgiveness for the learned man. The superiority of the scholar over the worshipper is like the virtue of the moon on the night when it is full, over all of the stars. Indeed, the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets, and the prophets do not leave behind dinar nor dirham, but rather, they leave behind knowledge. So whoever takes it, has acquired an abundant portion"
(Abu Dawud & Tirmidhi)

It is through the bounty of Allah (swt) that we welcome you to our website. This site will provide you with useful information about theIF and what it hopes to achieve.

Thank you for visiting us. We hope you enjoy your journey and be sure to come again.


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